New Hack web platform is performing very well

New Hack web platform is performing very well

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maxresdefault is a popular and addictive multiplayer game that is being played simultaneously by over 100,000 people. If you haven’t heard about this game, you probably will soon enough. You start the game with a baby size dot and grow larger and larger by consuming small cells. Easier said than done, this game isn’t so simple as it seems, you are continuously chased by other giant size opponents trying to feed on you and that’s where the game gets tricky.


Why use hacks for

As you proceed with the game, it becomes harder and harder to reach the Leaderboard. The reason is quite simple, several players use hacks to boost their circles making you the one in disadvantage. Plenty of scripts are available online allowing you to hack the game and top the Leaderboard.   Although, it’s necessary to be cautious while searching for the hacks as many sites make the fake claim to provide hacks. Read reviews of people before downloading any hack tool for the game. Here are some amazing features provided by hack tools and bots.


Zoom- Large size has its own drawbacks as it hinders field of vision. But with hack tool you can zoom-in and remove this limitation. Perhaps, you are looking for opponents on your left/right; zoom feature will allow you to do so without letting your opponent know.


Speed- With continuous growth in size, your speed is reduced to the extent that the game seems boring. In such conditions, speed cheat comes in handy. Although, you shouldn’t use this feature if the score is less than 130 or else you will move too fast and get consumed by other giants.


Double size- It’s too damn slow to increase size bit by bit initially but this feature allows you to grow quickly. For every cell or player consumed, you will get double the points you would score without using hack tool. So with this, you can speed up your cell size and enjoy the game to the fullest.


Invisibility- This is probably the best feature provided by the hack tools for It allows you to anonymously kick your opponents. This feature sets opacity for cells up to -10 making difficult for opponents to notice you. This feature works best when the color of the cell is light without a username.


Cheat codes to hack

While playing the games, these cheat codes for comes in handy. These codes can be freely used without downloading any hack script or tool.

1)   Type CTRL+W=CHAT, this will disappear some cells randomly around you.

2)   Hold I button and press + or -, this will turn you invisible.

3)   Type MADE YOU SPILT:3, this reduces your chances to be spilt or consumed by 50%.

4)   “YoMomma42” or “Your Mom” increases the size of your cell providing some initial boost.

5)   Hold S button and press + or – to increase or decrease the speed of cell.

6)   “Anne Frank” increases hostility of players in EU server by 100%.

7)   Hold Z and press + or – key to zoom in or zoom out the map.

Smartphones: Android rocks the house

Smartphones: Android rocks the house

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Google, Apple and Microsoft continue their bitter war in the smartphone market through operating systems. Update on 2015 with the latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel.

Part de marché des OS pour smartphones
Part de marché des OS pour smartphones

Android continues to grow in the United States and Europe, according to latest figures released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech for the last quarter of 2015. In France in particular, the operating system Google is growing. Its market share was 66.5% in 2013. It rose to 69.9% in 2015 and between the last quarter 2014 and the last quarter of 2015, it grew by 5.1 points. As for iOS, the operating system from Apple, he fell over the same period (20.5% against 22.9% a year earlier). In terms of brand, Samsung is still the actor number 1, before Apple and Wiko, the small Franco-Chinese troublemaker who still riding the wave initiated in 2014. Windows Phone fails to emerge. This is the biggest loser on the French market, with a market share declined 8.7% for the last three months of 2015 against 11.6% the previous year.

The situation is much the same in Europe where Android leads with 71% market share (+5.4 points), ahead of iOS (21.2%, 3.3 points in hindsight) and Windows (7.2 %, a decline of 1.8 points). According to Kantar, “Android increases considerably in countries where cost is the primary factor of purchase such as Spain and Italy”, but also in Britain, driven by the good results of Samsung, LG, ZTE and Alcatel .

In the United States, the competition is much more difficult, with Android that displays 59.1% market share and iOS 39.1%. But this is the first that is most dynamic with an increase of 11.5 points over the last three months of 2014, when Apple declined over the same period by 8.6 points. The firm at the apple is nevertheless the first brand in the US market. But “Android has a big advantage in offering a range of much larger price,” said Carolina Milanesi, mobile research director at Kantar. As for Windows, it is the Berezina. The OS of Microsoft fell to 1.6% against 3.8% a year earlier. The Redmond Group does not profit from the takeover of the Lumia brand (formerly Nokia). And it is still too early to see if there is indeed a Windows 10, the latest operating system that runs on both PC and mobile. Only the Lumia 950 features the new OS for the moment …

Finally, Kantar says that if Apple customers remain very loyal to the Apple brand, it nevertheless has a harder time convincing customers Android to pass the course. As for those who are buying their first smartphone, they were 20% choosing Apple in 2014. They are only 11% in 2015.

Android stock: a bug removes a feature for some users

Android stock: a bug removes a feature for some users

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In recent days, some users have seen disappear Nexus functionality of their phone. First diagnosed as a suppression of Android 6.0.1, this change finally seems to be a bug related to mismanagement of the calendar …


In recent days, specialized forums ignite after the impromptu disappearance of the “Until next alarm” mode “do not disturb”. Initially removed from Android 6.0 Marshmallow and returned with Android 6.0.1, this function temporarily silences nuisance caused by the phone while ensuring that its awakening will sound good. However, the most surprising is that users complaining of this change have not received any update their system.

Pushing further investigations, some have found that this problem does not affect all users, but only some, regardless of their phone (Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6,  Nexus 6P …), and the version of their OS . Even those with Android 5.1 Lollipop thus saw disappear the option “Until next alarm” since 25 December. So many details that suggest that it is not a silent update, but a bug.

A temporary solution

Some, however, found a way to make reappear this function. To do this, simply cut the automatic management of the date and set it at a time prior to December 25, or later well 1 January 2016. As you can see, once past the St Sylvestre, “Up the next alarm “should be back on the menu” Do Not Disturb “, but perhaps Google, which has remained silent about it for the moment, will deploy a patch before that.